Adaptive Massage (20-721502)
Adaptive Massage (20-721502)
Curious about the basics for Animal Massage, Athletic/Sports Massage, Post-Op Breast Massage, Prenatal/Infant/Pediatric Massage, Massage for Children, Adolescents, & Geriatrics, Acute (Pain Mgmt) Care, Massage Approach During Wound Healing, to...
Business of Massage (20-721654)
Business of Massage (20-721654)
Massage Therapy is perfect for those who feel that they are blessed with the power to heal others with their touch, as massage therapists spend their days using their hands to alleviate the physical, mental, and emotional stressors of others....
Therapeutic Procedure (20-721660)
Therapeutic Procedure (20-721660)
A therapeutic massage session is very different from a relaxation massage. Therapeutic procedures take into account the specific needs, ailments, and complaints that the client is presenting on the day of treatment and attempts to address them...